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Mysurpa (Mysore Pak) - 1kg from Shri krishna Sweets Bangalore

Description:Mysore pak -A millionaire’s hit and a perennial favourite from Shri Krishna Sweets, the Mysore Pak is a melt in the mouth sweet, made from sugar syrup, besan with the ghee dispersing the flavour and aroma through every pore of the sweet. For the millionaire in you.

₹ 630.00 / 1 kg

Exclusive of taxes

Mysurpa (Mysore) - 500 gms from Shri Krishna Sweets Bangalore

The uber tasty Mysurpa from the house of Shri Krishna Sweets 500 gms Pack

₹ 315.00 / 500 gm

Exclusive of taxes

Kayalpattinam special Kaju Halwa - Thoothukudi

Special Authentic Kaju Halwa - From Kayapattinam in Thoothukudi, TamilNadu

₹ 450.00 / 500 gms

Exclusive of taxes