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Sattu paratha - Bati Chokha Restaurant - Varanasi

Description : An immensely popular dish of Bihari cuisine, Sattu Ka Paratha is a delicious dish that's traditionally made using sattu or roasted chana dal. It will Included 1 sattu paratha cut into 4 pieces , lachha salad ,chokha ,fried chilly and chutney.

₹ 330.00 / plate

Exclusive of taxes

Bati chokha - Bati Chokha Restaurant - Varanasi

Description:(In Bati Chokha it will included 2 plain bati , rice ,kheer , chokha ,fried chilly ,daal , chatni and ghee ) 

₹ 499.00 / plate

Exclusive of taxes

Dal Fry from Tadka Lali ka Vaishnav Dhaba

Description:Dal FryWhat’s a dhaba without a Dal Fry? What’s a writer without a pen? A painter without a brush? Let’s nott ask absurd questions. Presenting, the evergreen Dal Fry from Tadka Lali ka Vaishnav Dhaba. Dal (lentils) cooked and then tempered with a mind blowing (and possibly, stomach too) spiced concoction.A lazy afternoon, some tandoori roti (flat bread), and a dal fry. A trucker’s dream!

₹ 337.00 / Plate

Exclusive of taxes

Dal Baati Churma - Rawat Misthan Bhandar

More than 10,00,000 Products Sold !! Part of the Special Elite Millionaire's Club.  It was the kingdom of Mewar that created this mouth-watering dish and since then its has become a synonym for Rajasthan. Rawat is not only know for its Kachories but is also known for it's mouth-watering Dal Baati Churma, this dish has alone been sold over 10,00,000 times since it started. 

₹ 499.00 / Plate

Exclusive of taxes