Indian Mughlai Products

Zafrani Phirni - Nizam ( Pack of 2 )

Description:Zafrani Firni - Made with mawa, milk, cashew, powdered basmati rice and garnished with strands of Kesar , this golden dessert is quite literally, gold. The creamy texture brings the kind of comfort to your mouth only few things can match.A must-have after-meal dessert. (Did you know, Ayurveda calls for having a sweet before food, so as to stimulate your hunger). Try it. Don’t forget to thank us. 

₹ 297.00 / 1 plate (Pack of 2)

Exclusive of taxes

Butter Chicken Boneless - from Mughal Mahal

The best butter chicken in the city. 

₹ 1,620.00 / full plate

Exclusive of taxes