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4 Cookies + 1 Brookie - from PAN on PAN

A combination of 4 Cookies and 1 special Brookie - from the house of PAN on PAN

₹ 290.00 / Pack

Exclusive of taxes

Soft Cookies (Pack of 6 ) - from PAN on PAN

Soft , Moisty , Non-Crumbly Chocolate Chip cookies.

₹ 275.00 / pack of 6

Exclusive of taxes

Bagels (Pack of 3 ) - PAN on PAN

Originating from Poland , a Bagel is a baked bread ring with a chewy dense interior. Topped with our special seasoning mix , it is best paired with cream Cheese.

₹ 240.00 / Pack of 3

Exclusive of taxes

Soft pretzels - Pack of 3 from PAN on PAN

Originating from Germany , a Pretzel is a Baked Savoury , bread pastry.  Toppings include sea-salt, Cheese, Jalapenos, seeds and more. Pictured here is the sea-salt Pretzel

₹ 225.00 / Pack of 3

Exclusive of taxes

Focaccia (Pack of 2) - from PAN on PAN

Originating from Italy, a Focaccia is a flat , oven baked , bread product. Toppings include herbs and Vegetables. Pictured here is the Christmas Special Focaccia . The actual product may have a different design

₹ 350.00 / Pack of 2

Exclusive of taxes

Brookies - Pack of 4 from PAN on PAN

Its not a Cookie. Its not a Brownie. Its a beautiful mashup of the two - Its called a Brookie ! Marbled layers of Chocolate chip cookie dough and dark chocolate brownie batter come together for a delicious sweet treat.From the house of PAN on PAN

₹ 410.00 / Pack of 4

Exclusive of taxes

Fruit fantasy Cake 300 gms X 2 - from Modern Foods

A perfect Delight for Food lovers 

₹ 254.00 / Pack

Exclusive of taxes

Carrot Pudding Cake 250gms X 2 - from Modern Foods

Carrot Pudding Cake - The goodness of Carrot, Cashew nuts & the benefits of Dates in a cake can make everything great

₹ 169.00 / Pack

Exclusive of taxes

Royal Plum 650 gm - from Modern Foods

Royal Plum Cake -The Richness of Plum, Cashew Nuts & Raisin blend together to make a perfect Christmas Gift

₹ 203.00 / 650 gms

Exclusive of taxes