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Imperial Blend - (Tea) - (100gm) - Sugati

Description :Imperial Blend A magical blend of pure Darjeeling Whole Leaf and Assam CTC with a mystical fuse meant for regular consumption. Rich with antioxidants, helps to boost immunity, metabolism, to prevent heart disease, promote healthy skin and calms mind and body. Preferred to be consumed with  Sugar/Sweetener. Come experience the magic in your taste

₹ 157.00 / 100gm

Exclusive of taxes

Chamomile Lemongrass Serene - Tea ( 100gm) - Sugati

Description :Chamomile Lemongrass - Serene The enchanting Chamomile Tisane (no Caffeine) tea comes with long-drawn health benefits. Infused with Lemongrass this caffeine free herbal tea ensures your tea intake enhances your lifestyle. This Tisane is also meant for those who is not a tea drinker. It may help reduce high systolic blood pressure. May act as a diuretic, often prescribed in case of Heart or Liver failure or Edema.

₹ 730.00 / 100gm

Exclusive of taxes

Darjeeling Second Flush ( 100 Gm ) - Sugati

Description : Darjeeling Second Flush  - The beguiling flush right from the foothills of the Himalayas, prepared through an impeccable blend. Experience the floral aroma and tickle your taste buds with this blend that is grown at an elevation of 7000 feet infused with antioxidants to enhance health benefits.

₹ 670.00 / 100gm

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Turmeric Citrus Enchanted - Tea ( 100gm ) - Sugati

Description : Turmeric Citrus Enchanted  One of the health roots is the Turmeric, Citrus with Lemon Peel and Ginger Tisane (no Caffeine) tea. Boost your immune system and fight infection with this blend to ensure that your tea intake is loaded with health benefits. This Tisane is also meant for those who is not a tea drinker.

₹ 790.00 / 100gm

Exclusive of taxes

Masala Chai - Tea ( 100 gm ) - Sugati

Description : Indian Masala Chai  - A blend of pure black CTC tea and various desi spices, including Ginger, Cloves, Black Pepper, Cinnamon and Cardamom. The amalgamation of various spices brewed along with milk will suit one’s liking for masala chai. The ingredients in masala tea are known to have many health benefits including improving the digestive system and stimulating appetite.

₹ 210.00 / 100gm

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Darjeeling Whole Leaf Green Tea ( 100 Gm ) - Sugati

Description : Darjeeling Whole Leaf Green Tea   -  Sourced from the mesmerizing flush of Darjeeling, the Darjeeling green tea is one of the produces from to suit your lifestyle. Enriched with Vitamin A and other vitamins, the blend is sure to provide benefits. Immerse yourself in the rich taste that not only gives you a delight with every sip, but also helps you re-defines your lifestyle choices. 

₹ 600.00 / 100gm

Exclusive of taxes