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K.C Das - Mishti Doi - Kolkata

When it comes to Bengali desserts, the Mishti Doi needs no further introduction. The Bengali style Yogurt made with sugar and milk is one of its kind.

₹ 394.00 / 500gm

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Mishti Sampark - Lal Misthi Doi (Kheer Doi) - Kolkata

Lal doi also known as Kheer Doi or Chakku Doi, is one of the most famous types of confectionery in West Bengal. Kali Ghosh and Hari Ghosh were two brothers who invented Lal Doi, they used to make mostly curd and whey. They used to boil buffalo milk in a gentle fire pouring a small amount of water to make it as condensed milk for a long time. The milk was turned reddish due to long burning. The two brothers used to make wheys from the milk. Their whey making area was known as Red Ghol or Red Whey. When milk becomes thick, it reaches to kheer stage, so sometimes it is called Kheer Doi. Another name for this curd is Chakku Doi. The quality of the curd is judged on its stickiness. To test it, it is also seen by turning down the pot. Even a Chakku or a knife is inserted inside the pot. Thus the name of Chakku yogurt came from that knife.

₹ 359.00 / 500gm

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Mishti Doi ( 500gm ) - Jugals - Kolkata

Description : Mishti Doi  - Mishti Doi is a fermented sweet curd made by thickening milk and is sweetened with jaggery.

₹ 350.00 / 500gm

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Mango Curd - Mithai

Mango Curd

₹ 630.00 / 500gm

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Plain Curd - Mithai

Plain Curd

₹ 532.00 / 500gm

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Mithai - MIshti Doi - Kolkata

Sweet Curd

₹ 579.00 / 500gm

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Mishti doi - 500-600 gms Kamala Sweets Delhi

Special  Mishti Doi from Kamala Sweets - 500-600 gms

₹ 272.00 / 500 - 600 gms

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