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Mishti Doi ( 500gm ) - Jugals - Kolkata

Description : Mishti Doi  - Mishti Doi is a fermented sweet curd made by thickening milk and is sweetened with jaggery.

₹ 350.00 / 500gm

Exclusive of taxes

Mango Curd - Mithai

Mango Curd

₹ 630.00 / 500gm

Exclusive of taxes

Plain Curd - Mithai

Plain Curd

₹ 532.00 / 500gm

Exclusive of taxes

Sweet Curd - Mithai

Sweet Curd

₹ 579.00 / 500gm

Exclusive of taxes

Mishti Doi - (500 gms) - Balaram Mullick

Description: A lal (red) doi (dahi/curd/yoghurt), the milk is reduced and then mixed with caramelised sugar and then fermented overnight using culture in earthen pots. Doesn’t matter if you are a millionaire, or a pauper; you are lying to yourself if you do not remember the bits which stick to the rough insides of the pot, and if you are not drooling over it right now!

₹ 335.00 / 500gm

Exclusive of taxes

Mishti doi - 500-600 gms Kamala Sweets Delhi

Special  Mishti Doi from Kamala Sweets - 500-600 gms

₹ 159.00 / 500 - 600 gms

Exclusive of taxes