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Mutton Galawati - From Dastarkhwan Lucknow ( FullPlate)

Succulent pieces of Mutton Galawati Kebab from Dastarkhwan , Lucknow . Full plate 

₹ 400.00 / Full Plate

Exclusive of taxes

Mutton Galawati Kabab - From Tunday Kababi Aminabad (8 pcs)

Description:Fabled to have been created for the enjoyment of a toothless king, who could no longer eat the chewy and coarse in texture kebabs made till then, in the seventeenth century, these melt in the mouth kebabs literally, well, melt in the mouth! A well-kept secret, it is believed that around 160 spices are combined in a unique ratio to give these renowned kebabs their matchless flavour and texture. Note: Unlike regular kebabs, these aren’t charcoal grilled, rather shallow fried.

₹ 349.00 / Plate of 8 pcs

Exclusive of taxes