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Jeedipappu pakam (Kaju Pakam) - 250 gms G Pula Reddy

Jaggery Coated Cashew Nut Sweet - from G Pula Reddy

₹ 618.00 / 250 gms

Exclusive of taxes

Hyd Shah Ghouse Special Mutton Biryani (2-3 people)

With 6-8  pcs of Mutton , this special Biryani may be good for 2-3 people.If you take an extra Biryani Rice , this might suffice even 4 people.

₹ 530.00 / Plate

Exclusive of taxes

Kaja (10 pcs) - from Subbayya Gari Hyderabad

This authentic sweet consists of refined flour, ghee (clarified butter), milk, sugar and green cardamom powder. For the stuffing, dry fruits, rice flour and ghee (clarified butter).

₹ 245.00 / Pieces

Exclusive of taxes

Boorelu (6 Pcs) from Subbayya Gari Hyderabad

Boorelu/burelu sweet is an authentic and extremely popular sweet of Andhra Pradesh. The ingredient that goes into making this challenging sweet are chana dal, jaggery, urad dal, rice(sona masoori rice), green cardamom powder and oil.

₹ 199.00 / Pieces

Exclusive of taxes

Subbayya Gari - Authentic Andhra Pure Veg Thali (Kakinada fame)

Authentic Andhra Thali from the famous Subbayya Gari of the Kakinada fame. 

₹ 350.00 / Thali

Exclusive of taxes