Jimmy Boy Family Restaurant - Saas Ni Machi - Mumbai

Parsi fish curry "Saas Ni Macchi" generally boasts about two spice elements: fresh green chilli peppers and whole cumin seeds. The word "SaaS" means the same as sauce, here white. The addition of an egg-sugar-vinegar mixture, at the end of the cooking process creates a curry emulsion with magical taste. Often served in Parsi Weddings. 

Shop : Jimmy Boy Family Restaurant ( Mumbai )
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A well known family restaurant from Mumbai, serving food since 1925.  Rebranding of the restaurant took place in 1999. The recipes have remained unchanged since the beginning. Every Parsi family has its own closely guarded secret recipes for their version of the dish, and they are true to theirs! All-time favorites is Patra ni Machi

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