BIR FEST - Lalla Biryani - Mutton Biryani (Full) - Lucknow

Lucknowi biryani is made with mild aromatic spices, meat and long grain basmati rice. It has subtle flavors and a sweet aroma. Lucknowi biryani is mildly spiced with perfectly cooked meat and rice.

Shop : Lalla Biryani ( Lucknow )
Price : ₹ 599.00/per plate

Exclusive of taxes


In Lucknow everyone has a favourite biryani place. But Lalla Biryani a small eatery in Chowk serves the most delectable biryanis in Lucknow, is on everyone’s list of favourites. The 32-year-old shop also happens to be one of the few famous purely non-vegetarian places, they only do mutton dishes.

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