White Chocolate Ladoo - Bhagat Ladduwala - Jaipur

Description:White Chocolate Laddu - A non traditional sweet made by cooking atta (whole wheat flour) in ghee (clarified butter), mixing with white chocolate and powdered sugar and then rolling into bite sized balls (laddus).Chocolate... just not the way the original chocolate or laddu makers imagined it! 

Shop : Bhagat Ladduwala ( Jaipur )
Price : ₹ 450.00/500 GMS

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Customer Special Input

Established as the present Bhagat brand in 1957, with an undocumented prior history, of approximately three generations, as an established in the business of making sweets, Bhagat Mishtan Bhandar, or Bhagat Ladduwala (as it is popularly known) is one of the premier brands in the walled city of Jaipur. Going by their popular moniker, try out their laddus!

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