Dilli Ki Shaan - Mutton Kakori Kebab ( Half Plate ) - AlKauser - Delhi

(LUNCH & DINNER)Description:Mutton Kakori Kebab ( Half Plate ) - These extra-tender & succulent kebabs are made with minced lamb or mutton, marinated with a range of Indian seasoning & flavors, wrapped around needle like skewers & baked in oven. It derived its name from the city of Kakori on the outskirts of Lucknow.

Shop : Alkauser ( Delhi )
Price : ₹ 380.00/half plate (2-3)

Exclusive of taxes


The Alkauser quality of food ensures quality, quantity, and deliciousness. Every dish that is presented to you, is a creation in itself. Indulge in our North Indian and Mughlai specialties. This is the story for knowing the taste from where it came and this was like a mile stone for whom, who acquired a place. This is a tale of 1896 where a person was searching and doing all his efforts to earn his living. He chose a work which later his coming pedigree accepted and that took them so high which is not in everybody's luck. That person was Nabbu Mian resides in Lucknow with his family. He earns his living by selling Kebab. He did it with all his effort and his Kebab become popular.

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