Sweet Pulao with Fish Combo - Hanglaatherium

Description:Sweet Pulao with Fish - Sweet, yellow Bengali pulao with flavourful fish Banjara. The fish is coated in a thin batter, fried and then finished off in a thick gravy, seasoned with a secret in house spice mix, in which the ajwain (carom seeds) shines through!Sweet, savoury....something definitely aromatic (the rice) and fishy (the fish) about it!

Shop : Hanglaatherium ( Kolkata )
Price : ₹ 705.00/ 1 plate

Exclusive of taxes


Life is food. Food is life. That’s the simple motto that those at Hanglaatherium swear by. 

Hangla: Glutton, greedy. Aetherium: Of or pertaining to heaven; celestial, heavenly; sent by heaven; divine. Must be some sort of a not so simple, philosophical heavenly greedy combo. What’s your take? 

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