Chicken Biryani with chicken chaap and salad Combo - Hanglaatherium

Description:Chicken Biryani with chicken chaap and salad Combo - I- A pakki biriyani, a juicy, succulent quarter of a whole chicken is cooked separately and then finished along with flavourful but lightly spiced (with saffron and the royal Indian spices), aromatic, not so oily, long grain rice and a potato piece which has soaked in all the juices that it’s cooked in.II- Juicy, succulent pieces of chicken, mildly spicy gravy marinated in yoghurt and an in house, secret spice mix, and shallow fried till the oil rises on top giving way to a dryish caramelised masala with much more intense flavours. A perfect accompaniment of those who desire a slightly wet feel in the mouth whilst eating.

Shop : Hanglaatherium ( Kolkata )
Price : ₹ 681.00/Plate

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