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Hanglaatherium Mutton Biryani Big has 2 pcs of Mutton, 2 pcs of Egg and 2 pcs of Potato. Kolkata Biryani is exceptionally light, low on essence and colour, and mildly spiced - using just the right amount of spices to enhance the taste. The potato is the hallmark of any Kolkata biryani. Slow-cooked together with aromatic rice and meat, the potato is a speciality that does not feature in the biryani of other cities associated with the dish.

Shop : Hanglaatherium ( Kolkata )
Price : ₹ 1,015.00/serves 2

Exclusive of taxes


Hanglaatherium is famous for its Biryani. The good part about the Biryani in Hanglaatherium is that it’s non-greasy and even can be called a diet Biryani.

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