Fish Roll Double - Bijoli Grill

DESCRIPTION:Fish Roll - A large cigar- shaped cutlet, this fish roll is a Bijoli Grill best seller. People have been reported to have their mood uplifted just by a single serving of this roll! Bhetki, also known as the Asian Sea Bass or Barramundi with flaky and mildly flavoured flesh, fish’s mince, along with prawn mince and aromatics, is rolled in form of a big cigar, egg dipped and bread crumbed and then deep fried till crisp and caramelised. Try one! While it’s stomach filling, just one doesn’t satiate mentally! We know! We tried!

Shop : Bijoli Grill ( Kolkata )
Price : ₹ 615.00/ 1 plate

Exclusive of taxes


Makers of the famous Bijoli Grill ice cream soda, this establishment set up shop under its present avatar in 1947, originally being one of the numerous cabins dotting the Calcutta landscape. From catering to students to now being established as one of the biggest brands in catering, Bijoli Grill has come a long way!

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