Pabda from delhi - 500gm

Pabda from delhi - 500gm

Shop : ( Delhi )
Price : ₹ 349.00/500gm

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Pabda from delhi - 500gm

Special care is taken to package this product in a secure food graded plastic pouch with proper cooling system that ensures safety of the product.

Properly stored fish/meat will last for 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator. To maximize the shelf life of fish/meat for safety and quality, refrigerate the fish/meat at low temperature. The colder a food is, the slower its rate of deterioration. Keep fish/meat at temperature 1 - 2°C the safe temperature for refrigerated storage.

We constantly endeavor to ensure that product information is correct however on certain cases manufacturers alter their ingredient lists. Actual product packaging for branded products and materials may contain different or more information than what is available in our website. We always recommend to read labels, warnings, and directions wherever possible and available before using or consuming a product. 

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