Shankho Sandesh (pack of 5) from Kamala Sweets

Description:Shankho Sandesh from Kamala Sweets- Sankha Sandesh:A form of the famous Sandesh, this gets its name from the mixture of chana (chena/cottage cheese) and sugar kneaded into a smooth dough and shaped in form of a shank (conch shell, a Bengali pooja must have), and garnished with pista.A brilliant artistic masterpiece! One feels tempted to admire the intricate artwork in the mould which shaped the dough!

Shop : Kamala Sweets ( Delhi )
Price : ₹ 199.00/PACK OF 5

Exclusive of taxes


One of the best selling sweet shops in the Chittaranjan Park area in Delhi, this is one place that locals swear by. Taste a bit of Kolkata in Delhi!

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