Kalo Jam from Balaram Mullick

Description:Kalo Jam: A ball of chaana (chena/cottage cheese) & kheer (sweet, reduced, thickened milk solid), fried till it has a gulab jamun (another famous sweet) like consistency, and then fried even more till the exterior acquires a dark, really dark, almost charcoal like colour. Hence, kalo (kala/black). This is then dunked in a sugar syrup till it absorbs the sweet syrup and then taken out. The char elevates the sweet to the next level! 

Shop : Balaram Mullick ( Kolkata )
Price : ₹ 310.00/pack of 6

Exclusive of taxes


Established in 1885, Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick is a sweet shop which needs no introduction. Started by the business savvy and sweet maker par excellance, Ganesh Chandra Mullick, this establishment was carried forward by his brother Shree Balaram Mullick and his son Radharaman Mullick. Hence, the name!

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