Parsi Dairy - Sutarfeni - Mumbai

Sutarfeni is an Indian sweet made of all purpose flour roasted in ghee (clarified butter), blended with melted sugar powder and topped with finely chopped pistachio and almonds and then shredded.

Shop : Parsi Dairy ( Mumbai )
Price : ₹ 622.00/500 gm

Exclusive of taxes


A hundred years ago a single can of milk meandered its way through the by-lanes of Mumbai and then, there was no looking back. Parsi Dairy Farm, a family business was established in the year 1916. It was started by a young Parsi entrepreneur, the Late Nariman Ardeshir. Since the inception of Parsi Dairy Farm, the Late Nariman Ardeshir saw to it that the best quality milk would be served to customers, either off the shelf ("Galla") or home delivered across the city of Bombay. He also believed that since the quality of the product was the best then, the quality of the customer service should match. Hence, he employed a workforce to ensure that the freshness and authenticity of the product would not be tampered with. The Blue Brigade that even to this day traverses the streets of Mumbai at 4 a.m., is the testament to the workforce and customer service provided by Parsi Dairy Farm since its inception.

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