Ujjala Papri

Description:  Ujjala Papri - These solid yet softish besan (gram/chickpea flour) fritters are a nice high tea snack. Fried in pure ground nut oil, these are a healthy alternative to processed snacks laced with preservatives. With no artificial colour, flavour, preservatives or chemicals, this is a healthy, but tasty must have! 

Shop : Ujjala ( Kolkata )
Price : ₹ 225.00/200 gm

Exclusive of taxes


Mumbai has its Farsan houses, Kolkata has Ujjala Chanachur. Established in 1936, this establishment specialises in various knick knacks, and especially the one Bengalis swear by in the evening, along with muri (puffed rice), the chanachur! Ground nut oil fried besan (gram/chickpea flour) fritters, along with fried chine badam (moongfali/peanuts). Simple, and delicious!

Pair the snacks with muri, like the Bengalis do! Or with a nice mocktail drink, like everyone else does...not!

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