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Long Lost recipes of Grand mothers

I know these sinful dishes that a lot of people don’t know about that will make you drool. Lets me make you salivate with the first dish called motor chotir saag ghonto. This is the pea’s spinach which is made with aloo , onion seed and green chillis.

The second dish will is a another exquisite dish called as maan kochu saag bata which is bascially a kind of taro root that is delicious and melts in mouth. The ingredients used are coconut, white mustard, green chilli’s and maan kochu which is made into a rough paste. The kochu bata is eaten with hot steaming rice.

The third dish that is unique is called as dumur chorchori. This delish dish is figs cooked in the famous aromatic Bengali masala that is jeera bata jhol (cumin curry). It is eaten with gobindobhog(bengali short grain rice).

My Bengali grandmother believes that no part of the vegetable should get wasted. Lau khosha bhaja is the fourth unknown yet extremely enticing. It is the skin bottle gourd that is fried in hot mustard oil and eaten with steaming hot rice and ghee.

These are a few of my favorite dishes cooked by my lovely grandmother. I hope you all will make these dishes and relish them like I do.

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