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Home Food Cravings

I know lot of you out their love eating your meals outside but just imagine if you could get home cooked meals sent to you. I remember the time that I was away from home and how I missed eating food cooked by my loving family. The aromatic dishes prepared at home used to linger around my head whenever I used to eat meals at the hostel mess.

Since, I am a Bengali who loves to eat it used to be very difficult to get Bengali food where I studied. Oh, and how much I used to drool over such comforting delicacies like the succulent shorche illish/ mustard hilsa eaten with hot steaming rice, juicy mutton curry/ kosha mangsho and misti pulao (sweet rice preparation), papda maacher patla jhol/ Indian catfish made in a thin Bengali style curry. I didn’t just miss Bengali cooking but different kind of food that was especially made at home. I know all the true food lovers out there would relate with my cravings.

So, now you never have to feel sad about not being able to relish home cooked food. This company called justmyroots has a service where home cooked food can be sent from your home to anywhere you are in India.

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