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Exquisite Himalayan fungi

Morel mushrooms,also known as gucchi, is super expansive yet luxurious and divine. This mushroom is dark brown in colour, has a honeycomb like pattern on top and very spongy in texture.

Did you know the morel mushroom pops up at places  that are struck  by lightening !!

Gucchi is grows wild after the snowfall period in different parts of Himachal Pradesh.  It is usually grown in clusters on decaying log or decaying leaves. It is not grown in the same spots and it makes it harder for the villagers to find and sell. It is not meant to be consumed raw and must be cooked properly.

Mouth-watering dishes can be prepared with gucchi mushrooms are –

Zafarani gucchi muttar / Nawabi gucchi muttar (morel mushrooms cooked in a creamy tomato and cashew nut gravy along with aromatic saffron and lush green peas)

  Gucchi pulao (basmati rice cooked with aromatic Indian spices, sinful clarified butter and morel mushroom)

   Gucchi kebabs (morel mushroom marinated and cooked in a tandoor)

Health benefits of gucchi are-

Consists of several B-vitamin & minerals.

It reduces the risk of cancer as they contain high level of niacin and selenium.

It is ideal for weight loss.

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