About Us

About JustMyRoots

JustMyRoots is India’s first own interstate home delivery service is now reaching out to you. Once you are away from home, with us you can still search for home delivery food near me and order food from your favorite restaurant; JustMyRoots will deliver it to you.

Not only you will get the food delivered to you from Best delivery restaurants near me, our team also delivers home cooked food to other cities in India. We will pick up food from your home, pack it in safe containers and ship it to you to your new state.

Stay True to your Community…

Your community is very well related to your Roots and Cre8comm has come up with JustMyRoots to ensure you to stay related to your own food roots wherever you stay in India. You can order food from your nearby restaurants in your home city as we are partner will the best heritage and modern eateries in your city.

Stay True to your Home’s Nostalgia…

In this modern era, people have to travel to different places in India and stay away from home; however, we don’t want you to feel away from home. If you cannot bring your home or your mother to the new place; we are going to deliver the essence of your mother to you with her cooking.

Even in a new state, don’t lose the feeling of belongingness..with JustMyRoots by your side.

Stay True to your Local Produce…

Why just restaurants, cafes or home food, we also bring you the best local produce from your area and deliver it to your doorstep. Get seasonal and fresh vegetables, poultry and fish from Your City to the New City.

To us making profit is not the motive; to us delivering happiness is the most important thing.

Stay Connect to your roots. Feel the love of your city and speak the language of food.



Stay True to your Home. Stay True to your Roots.

JustMyRoots in an interstate food delivery service with whom you can stay connected to your roots. When people move from their own city to a new place, it gets difficult to accept the new culture and its taste. For all of them who miss their home and hometown, JustMyRoots will deliver you the essence of your culture, love from home, the nostalgia of your hometown, all packed in delicious food and more! Place your order now!

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