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Justmyroots : Who are we ?

  • We are the Pioneers in Interstate Perishable Food Delivery connecting people back to their roots.
  • We deliver the food from the Brands ,you are nostalgic about.
  • We Launched DFH (Direct From Home) wherein we deliver food , cooked at your Mom’s Kitchen, to you.
  • We have specialized packaging and State of the Art Cold Chain Logistics which keeps food between 5-8 degree C
  • We are operating in Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Jaipur, Bangalore, Chennai , Hyderabad, Mumbai , Pune and Kashmir
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Our Story


Modern life and its fast pace, has taken a toll on our social life that have estranged various communities, scattering them to various distant lands in the search of a better livelihood,

but has left the hearts with a sense of nostalgia, around their socio cultural habits and preferences, longing to belong again to their roots and culture.

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